Testing GeoAlchemy


In order to test GeoAlchemy you must have nose tools installed. Also you should have installed SQLAlchemy, GeoAlchemy and all the DB-APIs. Refer the installation docs for details. In case you are interested in testing against only one DB-API (say Postgres), you need not have the other APIs installed. However, you will be able to run those specific tests only.

If you intend to run the tests for Spatialite, you must also have Spatialite extension installed. Also make you have enabled extension loading in your pysqlite build. Refer the Spatialite specific notes for details.


You must prepare the databases to run the tests on. Spatial feature is enabled by default in MySQL. You must setup a spatial database in PostgreSQL using PostGIS. Then modify the test_mysql.py and test_postgis.py files in geoalchemy/tests to use the correct dburi (host, username and password) combination. No database preparation is required for Spatialite, as we would use an in-memory database.

Running the Tests

The tests can be run using nosetests as:

$ nosetests

For running the tests against a single database at a time:

$ nosetests geoalchemy/tests/test_postgis.py
$ nosetests geoalchemy/tests/test_mysql.py
$ nosetests geoalchemy/tests/test_spatialite.py